Brian and Krysstal - Modern day vaudeville musical comedy double act. Very silly - Very funny!


Brian and Krysstal in mid flow



Brian and Krysstal




Some people of a delicate disposition

may find these clips rude.


Brian and Krysstal Live at The Sydney Comedy Store


Live at The Sydney Comedy Store




Brian and Krysstal's new CD Spudcast  





Brian and Krysstal's old CD Silly Songs




There are a few copies left.


Brian and Krysstal do voiceovers too








Since meeting at The Edinburgh Festival in 2000 Brian & Krysstal have entertained and delighted all kinds of audiences at comedy clubs, cabaret nights, festivals, corporate and private functions in locations far and wide.

Regular fixtures at The Edinburgh Festival for eight years, the duo have worked all over the UK as well as Germany, South Africa, Gozo, Spain, Denmark, Ireland, Australia and of course… Peckham.

Brian is infamously grumpy and deadpan, while his assistant Krysstal is glamorous but ditzy. The combination is unique and very funny. Their timing is exquisite, their humour dry and sometimes bawdy.


Brian & Krysstal's first CD “Silly Songs” was recorded in 2001 and their long awaited second album “Spudcast” is now also available online.

Wherever they go their baggage goes with them, including several instruments (not always musical in their hands). Individually they have many years of experience in the entertainment industry, Brian as a musician and Krysstal as an actress in Australia.

Their unconventional vaudeville-style act is punctuated by silly songs, the odd bit of Spanish dancing LOADS of jokes and LOADS of belly laughs. They also run and compere their own club in central London. PEAR SHAPED COMEDY CLUB offers new (and old) comedians the chance to perform in a warm friendly non-threatening environment.

Brian and Krysstal are not averse to TV, radio or any other media performances. They write scripts and songs and have hosted corporate functions, private parties and are suitable for a wide variety of comedy-based events.

If you want something different and funny that stands out from the crowd – book Brian & Krysstal. If you want the usual stuff – book somebody else.

Chortle Review

Chortle Review


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Krysstal aka Vicky de Lacy is actually quite a good actress and has done lots of theatre and TV and stuff. Journey to Ithaca is the one woman play Vicky was performing at the Edinburgh Festival 2000 when she met Brian. They decided to merge their talents and a few months later Krysstal was born.



Brian and Krysstal gig a lot


Still talking to each other


They also ran their own weekly comedy club, in Central London every Wednesday with Anthony Miller, Jimbo and Al Mandolino at The Fitzroy Tavern in Charlotte street, London W1. Most of the time it was fun.

Pear Shaped in Fitzrovia


Brian's gone nuts!

He's given up smoking, grown a beard, started painting, drawing,

photographing inanimate objects in the street and talking to himself. We're all very worried!

If you don't believe me have a look here...

Brian Damage Art - Strokes

Brian Damage Art


Adelaide Fringe 2010

Brian and Krysstal: Whinging Puns - Adelaide Fringe 2010

Whinging Puns Review - Australian Stage 2010


"Wonderful silliness, some cute songs, some political incorrectness, some sick vomit and poo jokes and a lot of originality. It is all done with that intangible panache, subtlety and ability to laugh at one's self that is quintessential to British humour."

Peter Bleby - Australian Stage






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